Origami bike that folds down to the size of an umbrella – The Sada Bike

This is possibly the most beautiful bicycle I have ever seen – the Sada Bicycle is a rethink on the classic bike design. Instead of relying on spokes, the bicycle creates it strength in the actual hubs of the wheels. This makes the bike spoke less.

This truly looks like something out of a futuristic space movie. Like something out of Gattaca.

sada bike at the station Sada bike next to umbrella Sada bike spokeless front wheel

Insufficient sleep is an epidemic


Sleep, or rather, insufficient sleep, is now considered a public health epidemic by the CDC.

Lack of sleep is linked with several chronic diseases including diabetes, obesety and depression. Getting a good night’s rest is essential. Here are a few top tips:

  1. Turn off your mobile, switch off your computer and stop tapping on your tablet an hour before bed time.
  2. Try standing on one leg to sleep better.
  3. Change your diet – here are five foods to help you get a better night’s rest.

Self assembling furniture

Ikea has nothing on this. Flat pack furniture that basically builds itself. Somehow, Wood-Skin, the company behind this, manages to create that feeling that magic really does exist.

The furniture uses a special layer of synthetic textiles that fold themselves into shape. The wood itself has creases in it that act as hinges and basically dictate what shape will eventually be realised.

This is amazing – in small living spaces, this kind of thing could be a miracle – Imagine popping up your dining table just before dinner and when you’re done, flattening it out again and just storing it in a cupboard or flat up against a wall.