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Insufficient sleep is an epidemic

Sleep, or rather, insufficient sleep, is now considered a public health epidemic by the CDC. Lack of sleep is linked with several chronic diseases including diabetes, obesety and depression. Getting a good night’s rest is essential. Here are a few top tips: Turn off your mobile, switch off your computer and stop tapping on your… Read more »

Self assembling furniture

Ikea has nothing on this. Flat pack furniture that basically builds itself. Somehow, Wood-Skin, the company behind this, manages to create that feeling that magic really does exist. The furniture uses a special layer of synthetic textiles that fold themselves into shape. The wood itself has creases in it that act as hinges and basically… Read more »

How to learn yoga from skeletons

Possibly the only site that really focuses on individual muscles and how they are used in yoga, with detailed diagrams, The Daily Bandha is a fantastic resource and companion website to various books and media about scientific yoga…..And with Halloween coming up, you owe it to yourself to check out the skeletons doing yoga!