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Yoga and the Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics

Yoga and Mixed Martial Art might seem like uneasy bedfellows, but the combination of these two, almost polar opposite arts is being used to help army veterans adjust to civilian life post deployment in a program called Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics or P.O.W for short. It is interesting to see how yoga and martial arts… Read more »

Krishnamacharya’s Life Saving Yoga Session

Often regarded as the father of modern yoga Krishnamacharya developed the Life Saving Yoga Session which he taught from the 1950s as more people began to visit him from the West. This sequence is purported to extend life. The idea of the sequence was to lead Westerners to an unconfessional and undogmatic experience of the… Read more »

10 Tips for starting meditation

Choose your time Choose a convenient time, one when you will not be disturbed for the duration of your meditation. Often early morning or later in the evening is the best. The world is quiter and it can be easier to drop in to your meditation. It’s important when starting to keep a regular routine,… Read more »

The secret to self control

The marshmallow test is probably the most famous experiment that examined the effects self-control had on people’s lives. In the experiment, children are placed in a room with a single treat (a marshmallow or cookie for example) and told if they can manage ┬ánot to eat the treat for fifteen minutes, they will be given… Read more »

6 Reasons for Namibia’s Unexplained Fairy Circles

Most of the Namib desert is dry, barren and lifeless. The occasional rain shower will bring with it a few days of intense colour as the dormant plants grow rapidly. The most striking plant in the Namib is the Welwitschia, which grows only two leaves that tear and split through the life of the plant…. Read more »