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Could air bubbles help eradicate malaria

Malaria still kills. It’s hard to believe living in Western Europe where the disease poses almost no threat at all. Here’s an ingenious and cheap solution to the problem though; generate air bubbles at regular intervals in stagnant water to basically curb the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Sleep to help you remember

Sleep is somewhat like the miracle that’s hidden in plain sight. The more we delve into it, the more essential we find it. Sleep weaves its way into our waking lives in many subtle ways. How well we sleep can be affected by what we eat and lost sleep can shorten your life. Some people… Read more »

Still Killing It

Tobacco is still killing it. Despite all the research, despite all the legislation changes, despite all the general knowledge that smoking is bad for you, the big tobacco companies are still raking in the profits. In Britain alone, 10 million adults smoke and children between 11 and 15 are still taking it up in droves…. Read more »

The Longitude Prize

Forty years is longer than most of us would spend on a single problem. Forty years is a life’s work. Forty years is what it took one man to revolutionise the seas. In the 18th century, we had no means of calculating the longitude of a vessel at sea. Maritime disasters caused by the erroneous… Read more »

The roads are paved with solar panels

Scott and Julie Brusaw want to revolutionise roads. The couple who run Solar Roadways have built a prototype of a parking lot laid with solar panels instead of traditional asphalt or concrete. The hexagonal shaped individual panels are pretty smart, including heating elements to assist in melting snow as well as led lights that can… Read more »