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It’s not how many, it’s how much

It seems that in the case of a global food crisis, it’s not how many mouths we feed, but how much each mouth needs to eat. An obvious seeming conclusion I suppose, but interesting none the less. The study looked into the BMI of countries around the world and noted that Increasing population fatness could… Read more »

Okinawan Longevity and Health

A nice documentary on health and longevity in Okinawa, the land of the immortals. People in Okinawa have amazing longevity – perhaps because they have discovered ways of dealing with stress and keeping their emotions on an even keel.

Oversized yoga mats

I just bumped into Square 36’s oversized yoga mats. What a fantastic idea. Regular yoga mats, as they point out are great for optimising the number of people in a yoga studio, but not great for optimising your yoga or workout space. I wonder what shipping to the UK on one of these puppies costs?