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Sleep to help you remember

Sleep is somewhat like the miracle that’s hidden in plain sight. The more we delve into it, the more essential we find it. Sleep weaves its way into our waking lives in many subtle ways. How well we sleep can be affected by what we eat and lost sleep can shorten your life. Some people… Read more »

Still Killing It

Tobacco is still killing it. Despite all the research, despite all the legislation changes, despite all the general knowledge that smoking is bad for you, the big tobacco companies are still raking in the profits. In Britain alone, 10 million adults smoke and children between 11 and 15 are still taking it up in droves…. Read more »

The Youngest Yoga Teacher

Amazing – just 12 years old and Jaysea Devoe is already teaching yoga! It’s great to see such passion in younger yoga practitioners and such a desire to pass down the traditions.

Are you the Khaleesi of Yoga?

For yoga geeks who also love Game of Thrones, you can now get some fan-fashion inspired yoga pants. I wonder if there’s an equivalent on a yoga mat?

The cycle prescription

Much like Chinese Physicians prescribing Qi Gong as part of a patient’s treatment, a program is being launched in Boston which prescribes biking to help the health of Bostonians. Biking is great for general health and wellbeing, with a fair number of studies on the effects of biking on health Men who cycled at least… Read more »