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Bottle, Water, Lights

Who though refraction of sunlight would power a low cost lighting revolution? Alfredo Moser’s invention, using an empty two-litre plastic bottle, some water and a black cap on the bottle is changing lives all over the world.

Printing houses on 3D printers

Giant 3D printers are now able to slap up prefab houses as shown by WinSun. Their massive 3D printer can pump out 10 houses in 24 hours, pouring a pre-mixed glass-fibre reinforced concrete onto a substrate. The estimated cost of building the house is around $5000. From Using computer and 3D modeling software, the… Read more »

Dujiangyan irrigation system

The Du Jiang Yan Irrigation system was and still is a feat of engineering. Built in 256 BC it stopped annual flooding along the banks of the Min river and ensured the fame of Li Bing, the governor of Qin and engineer behind the project. The irrigation system is incredible and consists of a levee… Read more »

Painting WiFi with Light

Here’s an interesting project that spans art and science – mapping out wifi signals with a technique called light painting. It’s fascinating to look at something that is basically seen as a tool (our continued and contiguous connection to the online world) and turn it into art.