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The Gardens of Anfa – A modern Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Legend attributes the building of the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon to king Nebuchadnezzar II sometime between 605 and 562 BC for his Persian wife Queen Amytis. It’s the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for which we have never found a definitive location. Not so for a new vision by Maison… Read more »

Could this be the future of the treehouse?

A treehouse with a truly unique structure, sitting around the treetrung and hanging from the tree instead of being nailed or bolted to it. Designed by the Farrow Partnership, these treehouses will be installed in E’Terra Samara Resort. The dominant image is derived from the shape of a samara, commonly known as the maple key,… Read more »

Cows, literally jumping

A herd of cows, who, after the winter season, were let out onto the open fields again. Saved from the slaughterhouse, these cows jump for joy. These really are happy cows!

Starpath – spray on glow in the dark walkways

Here’s an eco solution to outdoor lighting, which, let’s be honest, is kind of like throwing money away most of the time. Starpath makes your walkways actually light up without having to plug it in. If you’re around Camebridge, you can see Startpath being used in Christ’s Pieces park.