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What will you be able to do at 103?

At 103, Fauja Singh might just be the oldest marathon runner ever. Mr Singh really does get better with age. He ran his first marathon at 89 and since then has run in no fewer than nine more! When he ran his first marathon, he posted a time of 6:54. Three years later at 92… Read more »

Animal whisperer calms panther

Is it possible to really talk to animals? Any pet owner would resoundingly respond with a YES. And anyone who has ever owned a cat will know just how much can be said with nothing more than a growl, a purr or a raised tail.

Eat less, know more

You’ve probably never heard of ghrelin, but it’s a hormone produced by your stomach lining when your stomach is empty. Ghrelin tells your brain that you are hungry. It also seems to help you learn and remember. When you are hungry, you need to focus your entire system on finding food in the environment Next… Read more »

Halloween and the great mental health debacle

Although I’m the last person to be overly politically correct, the insensitivity of a couple of major supermarkets over mental illness is rather distressing. How anyone thought “mental patient fancy dress costume” and “psycho ward” halloween outfits would not cause offense is beyond me. But given this, I don’t really think we should dwell on… Read more »

The five foods that will help you sleep better

Bananas Believe it or not, Bananas have been called the “sleeping pill in a peel”. They contain potassium and magnesium which are both known muscle relaxants as well as an amino acid that your body converts to serotonin and melatonin – both aid in relaxation and sleeping. Cherries Cherries are one of the only foods… Read more »