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Who wants to live forever?

THE IMMORTALISTS- Trailer from David Anthony Alvarado on Vimeo. Why do we seek immortality? Easy: because the alternative is to die As Bill Andrews, a famed long-distance runner & lab biologits and Aubrey de Grey, a theoretical biologist struggle to create eternal youth, The Immortalists follows them, telling us a tale of two eccentric scientists… Read more »

The secret to happiness

If one was to judge by sheer wealth, the last half-century should have been an ecstatically happy time for people in the US and other rich nations such as Canada, Japan and Great Britain. Happiness, it seems, boils down to your commute. The happiest cities in the world tend towards shorter commutes by walking, running… Read more »

Hearty Art

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes One Human Heartbeat, however, will let everyone see the heart beat. Read more about the project by Jen Lowe.

What will you be able to do at 103?

At 103, Fauja Singh might just be the oldest marathon runner ever. Mr Singh really does get better with age. He ran his first marathon at 89 and since then has run in no fewer than nine more! When he ran his first marathon, he posted a time of 6:54. Three years later at 92… Read more »

Animal whisperer calms panther

Is it possible to really talk to animals? Any pet owner would resoundingly respond with a YES. And anyone who has ever owned a cat will know just how much can be said with nothing more than a growl, a purr or a raised tail.