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Insufficient sleep is an epidemic

Sleep, or rather, insufficient sleep, is now considered a public health epidemic by the CDC. Lack of sleep is linked with several chronic diseases including diabetes, obesety and depression. Getting a good night’s rest is essential. Here are a few top tips: Turn off your mobile, switch off your computer and stop tapping on your… Read more »

Ten Exercises You Would Have Done If You Were A Victorian Londoner

The beneficial effects resulting from the employment of Gymnastic Exercises, as a curative agent in cases of spinal deformity, or other bodily weakness and contraction, are so generally known and appreciated — Gustav Ernst 1861 Home exercise equipment has been around longer than you think. And although exercise clothing has come a long way from… Read more »

Could air bubbles help eradicate malaria

Malaria still kills. It’s hard to believe living in Western Europe where the disease poses almost no threat at all. Here’s an ingenious and cheap solution to the problem though; generate air bubbles at regular intervals in stagnant water to basically curb the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.