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William Molyneux was born in Dublin and was a natural philosopher and writer who came up with question: Imagine you are blind from birth. You can, by touching objects, tell if they are cubes or spheres through the sense of touch. Now imagine that you are suddenly able to see. Would you be able to… Read more »

China to ban reincarnation

As reported in the times, China is trying to mandate who can and cannot reincarnate. What an utterly ridiculous idea. And what spiritual or religious society is going to allow a human law to rule over the divine? What will they think of next?

Yantra Mat Review

It seems to me that my two year old has become the resident customs official and postmaster general of my household – nothing gets through the door without her say so and pretty much all post gets opened and inspected by her before it is handed over to its rightful owner with a flourish and… Read more »

How to fall asleep

I just spent about 30 minutes lying on one of these which has been sent to me to review….. End of the week, I’ll post up my thoughts on it 🙂

Yoga to the people

WRXPEUBVF3HF I found Yoga to the People at the simply peachy. How awesome is the idea? Seriously. Someone should open one of these in London! There will be no correct clothes. There will be no proper payment. There will be no right answers. No glorified teachers. This attitude towards teaching and learning, not just yoga,… Read more »