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The Five Tibetans

I’m never sure what to make of the story in my dog eared copy of The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder. Some of it reads like an absolute fairy tale, but there is no denying that the actual exercises presented make a really good, if brief, set of yoga. I’ve… Read more »

Dream Yoga and Lucid Dreaming

Most spiritual traditions recognise the importance of dreams and dreaming and often there is a method for using dreams to further explore and develop oneself. I’ve always loved the term Dream Yoga; for some reason it sparks my imagination. Most Dream Yoga, be it from the Tibetan Buddhist traditions or from the Yogis or just… Read more »

The Yoga Cult

An interesting article about a cult that used yoga as one of its draw cards. And in a similar vein, here’s a little something on Fake Gurus. There’s a lot of thought provoking info in both of those articles. It is always sad when people use something like yoga to basically enslave others when true… Read more »

The Ultimate Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog on Adho Mukha Savanasana is such a yoga staple. It is one of the most recognisable yoga postures and there isn’t a yoga practitioner around who doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) train this one daily. It’s there in the sun salute, so you really have no excuse. This asana is excellent for… Read more »

Bringing Buddhism to the bar

Give people a few drinks and they are bound to start opening up and having those deep conversations that all too often, they are too reticent to talk about. You know – the meaning of life, what’s it all about, does God exist. It’s almost as if existential questions and booze go hand it hand…. Read more »