Do flamingos carry the secret to good sleep?

When you think of Flamingos, what pops into your head? Miami? Pink? Standing on one leg?

I bet, however, the first thing you think of is not a cure for sleep disorders. But, it might not be as ridiculous as you think; Seth Roberts has written about the effects standing has on quality of sleep. In particular Seth notes that when he spent large portions of his day standing (upwards of 8 hours), his quality of sleep was better. Of course, very few of us can or do stand for such long periods of time in any given day, so Seth tried standing on one leg instead.

If I stood on one leg “to exhaustion” — until it hurt too much to continue — a few times, I woke up feeling more rested

Our current lifestyles tend to involve a lot of sitting – sitting at work, sitting in front of the TV, sitting down for dinner. We don’t stand a lot anymore. And sitting is slowly killing us. Maybe the flamingos have it right after all. Maybe we should all stand on one leg more. The old favourites of Tree or Eagle Pose could be just the ticket to a better night’s sleep.