Heart Protector and Triple Heater Makko Ho Exercise

The Heart Protector and Triple Heater meridians run down the centre of the inside and outside of the arms. The Heart Protector also runs through the chest and the Triple Heater runs up the back of the neck and into the head. The Masanaga extended meridians run down the inside and outside of the leg. This stretch can be fairly gentle, but can activate these channels.

Sit with your legs crossed, right leg over left. Place your left hand on your right knee and your right hand on your left knee so that the right arm is on the outside of the left arm. Lean forward and bring your head towards the floor. If you can, stretch your arms further away from each other to intensify the stretch. Hold for a few breaths and then come up. Swap around so your left leg is over your right leg and the left arm over the right arm and repeat the stretch.