How to improve your posture with one easy exercise

Our posture is very important – most of us don’t pay enough attention to it, and it can be the cause of a many different types of aches and pains, from headaches to lower back pain. Keep holding yourself in bad posture for many years and chronic problems can appear. That’s right, I said keep holding yourself in bad posture – it actually takes more effort and strain to keep your body in bad posture than it does to keep good posture. The only problem is, posture is a habit, and we aren’t in the habit of holding ourselves well.

Many exercises can help alleviate postural pain and help bring us back into alignment – yoga, makko ho, 5 tibetans, tai chi. These are all great, but what about a simple exercise that you can do anywhere, almost at any time, without any special equipment. An exercise that doesn’t hurt and helps bring your posture back to normal! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Too good to be true? Not so!

Find a wall, now put your back to it. Stand with your feet about should width apart and bring your heels up against the wall. Now bring the back of your head against the wall as well. Relax. Very gently, just put your mind in your back and feel as if your entire spine is pushing towards the wall, flattening itself against the wall. That includes your neck. Hold this for a couple of minutes at a time – don’t strain, and keep relaxed – especially your shoulders.

Do this a few times a day – whenever you feel slouched or achey and over the long term, it will really help to open out your posture and stop slouching. You might also find that it helps to open out your chest and let you breath more easily.