Get a jump on your New Year resolution

It’s only a few weeks before the new year. The time for New Year resolutions fast approaches and if you are anything like me, the run up to the holiday season is always a bit too hectic. I know so many people who make the same resolution every year – to practice everyday. And it is only through daily practice that we bring our yoga or our tai chi or our makko ho our lives completely. At the same time, for anyone who is not a teacher of these arts or a full time practitioner, it can be difficult – it can be more than just a balancing act – work, family, general household tasks all take time and we can be left feeling frazzled and dazed and confused and not sure where to even start our practice. (more…)

What your posture says about you

Posture is so important. It expresses, in the moment, our mood and our intention and over time, it shows who you are. Once you get to know it, posture can tell you a lot about a person. But posture is too often used in arts like tai chi, yoga, pilates and other movement based therapies as a kind of stick to beat people with. Even in zen you hear about the old master who beats the new student if they do not sit “correctly”. What is “correct” posture anyway? (more…)

Tai Chi may Ward Off Knee Pain

What a great pun 🙂
Story taken from The cool thing in this study is that people were taught some self massage in the tai chi sessions. I think it’s an often overlooked part of the healing arts from the East. Things like Tuina, Shiatsu and Anma are as old as the hills and all of these systems have a self treatment component that is often very easy to learn and very beneficial as well.