Why you should visit your dentist

Your teeth are your best friend; look after them, and they will look after you.  Think about it – to survive, you need food (and water), but lets look at food for a moment.  Your teeth are absolutely vital in the process of getting sustainence into your body by starting the process of breaking down food into smaller pieces that can then be digested and eventually turned into the important building blocks your body needs to grow and repair.  They are also very often overlooked in alternative health.  Visiting your dentist should be part of your routine, just like taking care of your body with yoga.

100 push ups challenge

So, I recently came across this website which I think is fantastic.  Basically, it is all about doing 100 push ups in six weeks with only 30 minutes a week.  Push ups are great strength building exercise and work the upper body – shoulders, arms and abs.  Push ups are free!  no fancy equipment, no gym membership, nothing but you and gravity!  Great stuff.

One of the biggest problems with setting exercise goals is that there is a plethora of information on what you should and shouldn’t do on the internet….it is so easy to get lost in reading, reading and reading about it and not actually setting up a program and getting down to the exercise.  The 100 push ups site is great, because it sets out a program for various initial fitness levels right there on the screen.  It’s simple and direct.  Strength for dummies almost.

Take the 100 push up challenge with me – c’mon 6 weeks to more strenght can only be a good thing!


Yeah, so this blog is all about yoga type things and complementary health and stuff like that, so obviously I’m a repressed hippie with eco-concerns…….Eco-clubbing eh?  This is a pretty cool concept – I heard about it on the radio this morning.  A new club in London is now eco friendly.  The crowning glory is their dance floor that uses the movement of the dancers to create electricity – how cool is that?  The dancefloor is piezoelectric

I’m not a big clubber, but I’m all for this!  The website was pretty difficult to find, because they aren’t well SEO’d, you are in fact more likely to come across the guardian article, or maybe one of the blogs about it but here it is – Club Surya – headed by Dr Earth who seems to be style on Dr Evil. Lol

Now evidently, there is some controversy.  Dr Earth (real name Andrew Charalambous) is, by all accounts, an eccentric millionnaire with close ties to Boris Johnson (London’s new Mayor)….which is how he got permission to keep the club open all night, despite King’s Cross rather stringent noise level constraints.  Then there is the claim that it is the first eco-club, which is contested by the sustainable dance club in the Netherlands.

Well, whatever, they can fight it out between them, I’m more interested in the future application of piezoelectriciy – i mean surely we can put this down anywhere we have high volume of human traffic…..what about indoor football fields, squash courts, restuarants, shopping malls, airports?  I don’t know if it is even technologically possible, or feasible financially, but it sounds like a good idea to me.  What about we put every office worker on an exercise bike at their desk for an hour a day and make them pedal to create some electricity to power their pc?…..we win two ways – keep the population fit, and reduce carbon footprint 🙂

Relaxation and the genes

Healthday news reports that

Researchers say they’ve taken a significant stride forward in understanding how relaxation techniques such as meditation, prayer and yoga improve health: by changing patterns of gene activity that affect how the body responds to stress.

Basically, the mind can affect the body and what researches have found is that when we evoke a relaxation response, the mind turns off genes that are turned on by stress. This seems absolutely miraculous, but science is starting to converge with alternative therapies and beginning to chart what yogis, tai chi masters and meditation experts have know for years: That the mind really does affect the body.

Lots of different systems can evoke the so called relaxation response: Tai chi, yoga and meditation as mentioned, but also things like repetitive prayer, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery. It really is great news when science starts to investigate the effect these powerful techniques have on our minds and bodies and provides us with a scientific explanation for what is happening. Though, all the understanding in the world won’t help unless you actually do your practice!

Nosing around antidepression

Who woulda thunk it?

Burning incense as a means of combatting stress, anxiety and depression is the subject of a new study. An international research team studied the effect that frankincense has and found that it activated portions of the brain that have been little understood but are known to be involved in emotions and nerve circuits affected by anxiety and depression. The incense also activated a specific protein in the mammalian brain which plays a role in perception of warmth on the skin.

The study gives credence to age old practices of burning incense, not just as a symbolic tool but also to help relax and ease tension. The study will join the canon of work that will help scientists understand diseases of the nervous system, which is great news since the western world has an increasing number of adults being affected by depression and anxiety disorders. Using incense seems to have little side-effects which is always desirable in any form of “medication”.