Makko Ho Stretches

What are the Makko Ho?

The Makko Ho are a series of simple stretches designed to help re-align your body, while at the same time promoting health by stretching your meridians. This set of Makko Ho stretches were devised by Shizuto Massunaga who used them in conjunction with Shiatsu to promote health and wellbeing.

Makko-Ho stretches:

Flow Yoga

Here’s a nice resource on Vinyasa Flow Yoga – the bonus is it’s free. Yup that’s right – free printable yoga routines.

The site is a goldmine of yoga poses, and printable mini-routines that show a “flow” between postures. There is also a nice library of yoga postures on there.

Too much work will kill you

Sitting at a computer for long stretches can lead to all sorts of nasty problems like back ache or repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. Staring at the computer screen can also cause eye strain, neck pain and headaches. and some research has show that you blink less often when working on a computer so your eyes can also get very dry and become bloodshot.

There are various ways to combat the potential problems of long hours at the computer. I’ll expand on some of them in the future, but we can break things down into:

  • Posture – how you sit at your workplace
  • Breath – keeping your breathing calm and even without unnecessary tension
  • Breaks – taking frequent breaks, refocussing your eyes, or doing other tasks
  • Blink – remember to blink
  • Stretch – taking time out to stretch will help prevent many aches and pain

If you are experiencing any neck or shoulder pain or any other symptoms of sitting too long in front of the computer, take some time out now – get up, go get a glass of water, walk around a little, look out the window. These little things can help in a big way.

Gua Sha

Here’s the wiki entry on Gua Sha – a kind of rough scraping massage used in acupuncture and tui na if you have “stagnant Blood”. Interesting read.