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Meditation techniques for beginners

Even though meditation is a deep and never ending subject, with a multitude of techniques and practices that can be tailored to very specific outcomes and goals, I often find that the simplest techniques are the most powerful. Meditation techniques for beginners are usually deceptively simple and it’s easy to forget just how profound these… Read more »

Yantra Mat Review

It seems to me that my two year old has become the resident customs official and postmaster general of my household – nothing gets through the door without her say so and pretty much all post gets opened and inspected by her before it is handed over to its rightful owner with a flourish and… Read more »

Get a jump on your New Year resolution

It’s only a few weeks before the new year. The time for New Year resolutions fast approaches and if you are anything like me, the run up to the holiday season is always a bit too hectic. I know so many people who make the same resolution every year – to practice everyday. And it… Read more »