Hitting the snooze button could be piling on the pounds


There’s no excuse for ignoring your alarm clock anymore – some interesting research into morning light’s effects on our BMI. Northwestern University researchers found in their study that

the earlier this light exposure occurred during the day, the lower individuals’ body mass index

About 20 to 30 minutes of light in the morning can affect BMI and help keep you lean. It’s all down to our “caveman hard-core wiring” which means we are biologically pre-determined to wake up with the sun. Of course, just getting up earlier isn’t enough, you also need to get sufficient sleep:

Insufficient sleep in primitive times was read by the body: ‘Danger, store fat,’

How can you reduce your chances of dying by 42%?

vegWell, by eating 7 a day, a new study claims. The study notes that eating more fruit and vegetables than the currently recommended 5 a day can reduce your chances of dying at any particular age by up to 42%.

One hundred and eighty thousand pieces – the ultimate handcrafted car

Tongues firmly in cheeks, Honda now bring us the Fit Kit – a build it yourself car because

What better way to have a personal connection with an object than to just build it yourself

Of course it’s all good fun, but beware…

The Fit Kit owner should be a tinkerer par excellence with a solid understanding of electronics to power up the Bluetooth® connectivity [2] and leading industry safety features like LaneWatch™ [3]. Ideally, someone with a knack for propulsion to build the i-VTEC® engine and strong sense of interior design to lay out the 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space [1] with the Honda-exclusive Magic Seat®.

Wake up and smell the bacon


Alarm clocks on your iPhone are a dime a dozen. Here’s a unique take if you aren’t a morning person – a device that wakes you up to the smell of bacon. Once you’ve woken up with a rumbling tummy though, you’ll have to do the cooking yourself.

Who wants to live forever?

THE IMMORTALISTS- Trailer from David Anthony Alvarado on Vimeo.

Why do we seek immortality?

Easy: because the alternative is to die

As Bill Andrews, a famed long-distance runner & lab biologits and Aubrey de Grey, a theoretical biologist struggle to create eternal youth, The Immortalists follows them, telling us a tale of two eccentric scientists who feel the world is “blind to the tragedy of old age”. It’s a facinating documentary that asks us whether, even if we could live forever, should we?

How much urine in a swimming pool would kill you

Swimming Pool

Urine, when mixed with chlorine, can create a toxic substance called cyanogen chloride. This is a particularly nasty blood agent that was once proposed for chemical warfare. So, just how much urine in a pool would be enough to kill you? Ars Technica has the answer.

See yourself as you truly are

True Mirror Can and Hand

Here’s a fantastic invention called the True Mirror. This wonderful contraption allows you to see yourself as others see you! Instead of seeing yourself in a mirror image, a True Mirror allows you to see yourself as you are.

True Mirror Cup

We’ve discovered some fascinating aspects of human nature that arise when people see their true appearance. Because it is very challenging to confront new information about one’s self, the responses are usually very dramatic

The secret to happiness


If one was to judge by sheer wealth, the last half-century should have been an ecstatically happy time for people in the US and other rich nations such as Canada, Japan and Great Britain.

Happiness, it seems, boils down to your commute. The happiest cities in the world tend towards shorter commutes by walking, running or biking than

Driving in traffic is harrowing for both brain and body

Hearty Art

One Human Heartbeat

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes

One Human Heartbeat, however, will let everyone see the heart beat.

Read more about the project by Jen Lowe.

What will you be able to do at 103?

At 103, Fauja Singh might just be the oldest marathon runner ever. Mr Singh really does get better with age. He ran his first marathon at 89 and since then has run in no fewer than nine more! When he ran his first marathon, he posted a time of 6:54. Three years later at 92 years old, he bested his time and ran 5:40.

An active man, he says he runs every day:

Seven to eight kilometres every day,” he says. “I walk some, jog some, and run some

Born with such weak legs that he could not walk until he was 5, Singh discovered his gift for running rather late in life. After the horror of seeing his fifth child die during a monsoon in his village in 1994, he moved to London to live with his eldest son. He began running with some other expats he met to distract himself and make friends and soon found he had a penchant for it.

His incredible running career has seen him meet Queen Elizabeth II and run with the Olympic torch in the London Games in 2012. Now, at 103, he has declared he has run his last marathon.