This is what a baby dolphin looks like

A baby La Plata dolphin rescued off the coast of Uruguay in 2011.

The Gardens of Anfa – A modern Hanging Gardens of Babylon

hanging gardens of babylon

Legend attributes the building of the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon to king Nebuchadnezzar II sometime between 605 and 562 BC for his Persian wife Queen Amytis. It’s the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for which we have never found a definitive location.

Not so for a new vision by Maison Edouard Francois for The Gardens Of Anfa; a beautiful concept of parkland and buildings with “vegetal facades”. The location: Casablanca, Morocco. Due to be completed in 2017 it will, it sounds incredible:

dense park conceals a series of four buildings with vegetal façades, creating mimetic games with the surrounding nature.

In the foreground, Washingtonias are planted as if in a dense forest. In the mid-ground, multi-colored flowers cover the topography. In the background, trees and bushes flourish with blue and white blossoms.

Gardens of Anfa Gardens of Anfa Ground Level

Could this be the future of the treehouse?

A treehouse with a truly unique structure, sitting around the treetrung and hanging from the tree instead of being nailed or bolted to it.

Designed by the Farrow Partnership, these treehouses will be installed in E’Terra Samara Resort.

The dominant image is derived from the shape of a samara, commonly known as the maple key, a winged, fibrous, papery propeller shape that appears in autumn and enables the wind to carry maple tree seeds farther from the parent tree than regular seeds

Inside treehouse Hanging treehouse treehouse from the top

All images © Farrow Partnership Architects

Musical Ink

Russian mafia tattoos present an interesting subculture, some of which is explored in the excellent film Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen. Now, a Moscow-based media artist, Dmitriy Morozov has developed a robot that plays tattoos. The robotic reader sits on the arm and sensors scan tattoos to render the ink into music.

::vtol:: “reading my body” from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

Can you build a house for just $500

Here’s an inspirational journey about one couple’s quest to build a glass cabin in the mountains.



Apple’s Healthbook


Tracking your vital stats from weight to blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen saturation and even blood sugar is getting an Apple makeover. The rumored Healthbook app being developed by Apple will, according to 9to5Mac, bring together the storage and tracking of many key areas of health, combining features that were previously only available in separate apps. It will even be able to keep track of your sleep cycles. Although it looks great, the current iPhone’s can’t actually monitor some of these vital statistics which suggest that Apple might be developing an additional device to augment the application.

Cows, literally jumping

A herd of cows, who, after the winter season, were let out onto the open fields again. Saved from the slaughterhouse, these cows jump for joy. These really are happy cows!

Walking Across China

The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – TIMELAPSE from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

Christoph Rehage walked over 4500 Kilometers across China – at once incredible and mundane – as Chrisoph notes about his day to day:

It was just the way it would be on any normal day. Sometimes you think. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you worry about passports, dangers, pains, relatives and loved ones, and at other times your steps are light and you sing songs in the desert. Sometimes it is boring. And sometimes you feel at peace

What did he do on his epic trek?….He grew a beard!

The first miracle – in only three days

Marriage at Cana

The transformation of water in to wine is considered the first miracle performed by Jesus according to the Gospel of St John. The story goes that Jesus was at a wedding in Cana when they ran out of wine. He ordered some servants to fill containers with water and presented it to the chief waiter who declared that it was the best wine of the evening and that the bridegroom had broken the tradition of serving the best wine first.


While not as speedy as Jesus, a new machine can turn water to wine. Of course it needs a few other ingredients; grape concentrate, yeast and some finishing powder. The “Miracle Machine” controls the fermentation using

an array of electrical sensorts, transducers, heaters and pumps

For the gadget-minded, the machine is connected to an Arduino microcontroller and, of course, has an accompanying app to track the fermentation.

It will also allow you to choose the perfect wine for your taste buds, informing you which ingredients you should buy to create the perfect drink. The estimated cost of producing wine is $2 per bottle.

Of course, no matter how fast it turns water in to wine, you’ll have to wait for Lent to finish before you can enjoy any of it.

Starpath – spray on glow in the dark walkways


Here’s an eco solution to outdoor lighting, which, let’s be honest, is kind of like throwing money away most of the time. Starpath makes your walkways actually light up without having to plug it in.

If you’re around Camebridge, you can see Startpath being used in Christ’s Pieces park.