Self discovery through fasting

The Feast by Leon Chwistek

An interesting and thoughtful post about fasting on Mondays. It’s interesting not only because intermittent fasting seemed to really help Marius keep his weight under control, but also because it raises some thoughtful questions about our relationship with food. We live, for the most part in the West, in a society where food is always available, and our relationship with food is complex. We are bombarded with adverts for suggarry, fatty foods and we eat for a variety of reasons; boredom, habit, socially motivated, but not very often simply out of hunger. It’s interesting that Marius noted, as he was fasting and began to crave food that

The cravings didn’t come from my stomach. They were not cravings from hunger, but from something else

Later on he really gets to the heart of the matter when he points out that diets are great but the ultimate goal is

learning to listen to your body and doing what it tells you. Unfortunately most people can’t hear themselves

Self discovery comes in many forms. For some it is through meditation, for some it comes through movement and for some it comes through food.