Should you stop washing

We’ve all heard the stories – don’t wash your hair for long enough and it becomes “self-cleaning”. It sounds tantalizing, but not many of us are brave enough to actually try it. Well it turns out the hippies might have been right – washing might not be the answer. Soaps, perfumes and other cosmetic products, it is postulated, are destroying bacteria that lives on our skin. Don’t worry though, this is friendly bacteria and is an amonia-oxidizing. It used to live on us before we became so entrenched in our soap opera. The bacteria feeds on the amonia in our sweat and can keep us clean.

Well, behold….should you wish to attempt the ultimate experiment on yourself, you can stop washing. Instead, spraying yourself with a compound that basically looks like water but contains the skin friendly bacteria to help encourage the microbiome. Don’t wash, keep clean.