Sitting cross legged – Sukhasana, the Easy Pose



Easy pose or Sukhasana is a great pose to start your practice in. After all, what could be easier than to sit cross-legged – we all know how to do that!

You’ll probably need a bolster or yoga block to sit on. If you don’t have one, fold a thick blanket several times so it is comfortable to sit on.

Start with your legs stretched in front of you, keep the spine long. This is, of course, Dandasana or Seated Staff pose which is the perfect place to start moving in to Sukhasana. Now cross your legs, first bending one knee then the other and placing each foot under the opposite knee.

Keep some space between the feet and the pelvis so that looking at your legs, you see a sort of triangle. Keep the feet relaxed.

Let the spine lengthen. Feeling the head balanced nicely as if suspended on thread.

Soften the neck and keep the gaze forward and relaxed.

The hands can rest in your lap, on your thighs or knees.

To do the “other side” in Sukhasana, simply cross your legs the other way. You will find one way feels more natural than the other, and that’s fine.

Be aware that it is easy to slouch or slump forward in Sukhasana, so keep the chest open and roll the shoulders back.