Sponsoring children in third world countries


Earthquake damage in Jacmel

If you’ve ever wondered about whether sponsoring a child through organisations like World Vision or Compassion does any good, here’s an interesting article about one man who <a href="“>sponsored a child in Haiti for many years and eventually visited on a mission to see if his money made any difference.

part of me thinks, I gave $5,000—how do they not have a decent house? Did they never get the money?

The article is rather poignant, painting a depressing picture of a poverty stricken island paradise where the nicest house is owned by the pastor. For me, it captures beautifully the sense of guilt we can feel in the west, coupled with wanting our charity to have some measurable effect. The reality, though, is that putting in place an infrastructure to create any lasting effect is a slow moving process that probably never delivers the kind of instant posetive feedback we crave.