Still Killing It


Tobacco is still killing it. Despite all the research, despite all the legislation changes, despite all the general knowledge that smoking is bad for you, the big tobacco companies are still raking in the profits. In Britain alone, 10 million adults smoke and children between 11 and 15 are still taking it up in droves. Electronic cigarettes are touted as the answer to wean people off tobacco, but I’m guessing that until profits from e-cigarettes and the various items surrounding vaping actually give tobacco a run for its money, we won’t see any real change. It is somewhat of a chiken and egg problem. The money generated is vast – and large corporations trading and selling cigarettes have little incentive to change their business if they cannot justify a chang eto their shareholders. Hopefully consumers will gradually shift their preferences away from actual tobacco and onto less harmful alternatives, driving up profits in vaping or e-cigarettes to the point that the big companies have to shift their focus.