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The roads are paved with solar panels

Scott and Julie Brusaw want to revolutionise roads. The couple who run Solar Roadways have built a prototype of a parking lot laid with solar panels instead of traditional asphalt or concrete. The hexagonal shaped individual panels are pretty smart, including heating elements to assist in melting snow as well as led lights that can… Read more »

Printing houses on 3D printers

Giant 3D printers are now able to slap up prefab houses as shown by WinSun. Their massive 3D printer can pump out 10 houses in 24 hours, pouring a pre-mixed glass-fibre reinforced concrete onto a substrate. The estimated cost of building the house is around $5000. From Using computer and 3D modeling software, the… Read more »

Could this be the future of the treehouse?

A treehouse with a truly unique structure, sitting around the treetrung and hanging from the tree instead of being nailed or bolted to it. Designed by the Farrow Partnership, these treehouses will be installed in E’Terra Samara Resort. The dominant image is derived from the shape of a samara, commonly known as the maple key,… Read more »

Starpath – spray on glow in the dark walkways

Here’s an eco solution to outdoor lighting, which, let’s be honest, is kind of like throwing money away most of the time. Starpath makes your walkways actually light up without having to plug it in. If you’re around Camebridge, you can see Startpath being used in Christ’s Pieces park.

Greenlid – A New Take on the Compost Bucket

If your compost bucket gets mucky and smelly more often than you would like, then here’s a great idea – a compostable organic waste container. Use The Greenlid like your normal kitchen’s compost bucket, but when it gets full, toss the whole bucket away.