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Ten Exercises You Would Have Done If You Were A Victorian Londoner

The beneficial effects resulting from the employment of Gymnastic Exercises, as a curative agent in cases of spinal deformity, or other bodily weakness and contraction, are so generally known and appreciated — Gustav Ernst 1861 Home exercise equipment has been around longer than you think. And although exercise clothing has come a long way from… Read more »

Old time strongmen – putting the mind into the exercise

I’ve become facinated with the old time strongmen and their methods of fitness! Trawling through the sandowplus site is like journeying back in time to world of music hall and carnivales. Reading up on the strongmen like Eugen Sandow, Charles Atlas and Swoboda is interesting, not only for their actual content, but also because it… Read more »

It’s not how many, it’s how much

It seems that in the case of a global food crisis, it’s not how many mouths we feed, but how much each mouth needs to eat. An obvious seeming conclusion I suppose, but interesting none the less. The study looked into the BMI of countries around the world and noted that Increasing population fatness could… Read more »