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10 Tips for starting meditation

Choose your time Choose a convenient time, one when you will not be disturbed for the duration of your meditation. Often early morning or later in the evening is the best. The world is quiter and it can be easier to drop in to your meditation. It’s important when starting to keep a regular routine,… Read more »

Meditation techniques for beginners

Even though meditation is a deep and never ending subject, with a multitude of techniques and practices that can be tailored to very specific outcomes and goals, I often find that the simplest techniques are the most powerful. Meditation techniques for beginners are usually deceptively simple and it’s easy to forget just how profound these… Read more »

Transcranial direct-current stimulation

There’s a huge topic to be had here – can and should we use technology to hack meditation? Some die hards schooled in traditional ways will immediately say “no!” – the idea that you can shortcut your way to any sort of samadhi is just repulsive to them. Others will jump straight in and say… Read more »

Does meditation make you happier

An interesting examination of one man’s first year of meditation. A gentle reminder that starting on a path of self-examination isn’t a quick fix or happiness pill, but rather a delving into your own physical and emotional state. It is refreshing to see an honest post like this – one that doesn’t gush with “oh… Read more »

Sit down, stand up

I had a teacher once who said: Lying down is closer to dying than sitting. Sitting is closer to dying than standing. Standing is closer to dying than walking. Walking is closer to dying than running. And man could he run. Even though I’m sometimes cynical, there’s a grain of truth to his little saying…. Read more »