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We Fucked Up A Long Time Ago

The World Wide Fund for Nature and The Zoological Society of London have been studying and plotting animal populations since the 1970s. The report their findings in The Living Planet Report. The news is not good. Our wildlife populations worldwide have halved since 1970. in less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species… Read more »

Sunflower’s internal clock

Sunflowers dancing from east to west as they track the path of the sun are apparently also moving to an internal clock. For a fantastic video check out Nature’s website.

The surfing duck

Nature never ceases to amaze – look at this duck, surfing it’s way around.

You are what you eat

I love nothing better than when science really pushes the boundaries. Eventually, I think, a lot of wisdom from traditional medicine and other spiritual practices will become understood scientifically. A small step on the way is this study that suggest that you are what you eat. The study found microRNAs that are normally found in… Read more »