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How to learn yoga from skeletons

Possibly the only site that really focuses on individual muscles and how they are used in yoga, with detailed diagrams, The Daily Bandha is a fantastic resource and companion website to various books and media about scientific yoga…..And with Halloween coming up, you owe it to yourself to check out the skeletons doing yoga!

Meditation techniques for beginners

Even though meditation is a deep and never ending subject, with a multitude of techniques and practices that can be tailored to very specific outcomes and goals, I often find that the simplest techniques are the most powerful. Meditation techniques for beginners are usually deceptively simple and it’s easy to forget just how profound these… Read more »

What your posture says about you

Posture is so important. It expresses, in the moment, our mood and our intention and over time, it shows who you are. Once you get to know it, posture can tell you a lot about a person. But posture is too often used in arts like tai chi, yoga, pilates and other movement based therapies… Read more »

How to improve your posture with one easy exercise

Our posture is very important – most of us don’t pay enough attention to it, and it can be the cause of a many different types of aches and pains, from headaches to lower back pain. Keep holding yourself in bad posture for many years and chronic problems can appear. That’s right, I said keep… Read more »